We are Smit Kwekerijen

We have been growing a broad range of houseplants in our nursery in Sappemeer for many years. We never slow down and we never stop discussing our houseplants. Find out more about us.

Your plant grower

Smit Kwekerijen is a modern pot plant nursery, specialised in growing unique, robust and trendy green houseplants. Our mission is to bring nature from all parts of the world into every living room.

Our plant nursery is located in Sappemeer (Groningen), our clients can be found everywhere in Europe. We value ongoing relationships with our employees, with suppliers and also with our customers. Customer engagement is of the utmost importance to us. In addition, we are enthusiastic about collaborations relevant to growth and development of new concepts.

Over the years, we have experienced many developments. Over 35 years, our nursery has grown from 1 hectare to more than 18 hectares in 2021. This expansion allows us to grow many more houseplants for our clients and consumers to enjoy.

Our many years of experience in cultivation and development allows us to bring top quality and unique green houseplants to the market to provide regular surprises for our customers. This ensures that our customers can make regular changes to their products on offer.

We also continuously work on improving our cultivation methods to make sure that the process only becomes superior and more sustainable. 

Smit Kwekerijen - kas
Smit Kwekerijen - kas

Distinctive plants

The methods we use to grow plants ensures that we bring distinctive, high-quality plants to the market. Thus, our customers know that they are acquiring robust plants. Our nursery grows responsibly in order for us to deliver the cleanest and most viable houseplants possible. We do this, for example, with the help of biological crop protection methods and by being affiliated with various quality organisations.

To determine the impact of our company on the Earth, we have had our footprint calculated. This forms the basis for continuous improvement in sustainability. Would you like to know more about what we do in the context of sustainability? Click here.

Finally, we strive to be able to present some new distinctive plants to our customers every year. In a world where developments occur very rapidly, we work hard to meet the demands of our customers.

The essence of Smit Kwekerijen

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How did we get here?

Smit Kwekerijen was founded in 1985 by Obed Smit; plant cultivation runs through his veins. In this year, Obed took over the nursery in Sappemeer from his uncle, where he mostly grew Geraniums for the first few years.

The range continued to be expanded by other types of garden bed plants. However, because garden bed plants are seasonal products, the greenhouses stood empty at certain times of the year. In order to make more efficient use of his greenhouses, Obed started growing houseplants. The Callisia Turtle was one of the first species to be cultivated. After all of these years, we can proudly say that this houseplant still forms part of the Eden Collection.

In the 1990’s, the Smit Kwekerijen transformed into a genuine indoor plant nursery when the garden bed plants were completely removed from the product range.

Discovering unique and special plants is Obed's passion. He projects his enthusiasm about the search for new plants and knowledge as a grower onto all of the employees of Smit Kwekerijen. This is why we, as a company are continuously able to update our range.

The history of Smit Kwekerijen

Founding of Smit Kwekerijen by Obed Smit
Start of growing indoor plants. First specie is Callisia turtle.
First trip to South Africa.
Launch of logo Smit Kwekerijen.
First planting rights are requested.
Start of selling plants with the ‘Eden Collection’ brand.
Full focus on growing green indoorplants.
Taken over several nurseries.
Construction main location Siepweg 4.
Orchids were also part of the assortment during this period.
Summer Collection is added to the Eden range.
Five years later Message in a bottle is launched.
The first ‘Special’ plant is a fact, the Chinese moneymaker.
New logo Smit Kwekerijen
Addition 'Eden Jungles' to the Eden Collection.