Strong green plants

Are you looking for strong green houseplants that need little care? Plants with some resilience? If so, we are the grower you are looking for! We will ensure that you can choose from several plant species that will prove to be strong for your customers as well as for your business. Read more here.

Plant match with your shop

Why do our plants lend themselves so well to retail? We offer a robust, unique and wide range of green houseplants. Our range consists of several types of green houseplants that require little to no care during their time in the shop. This is perfect for shops that do not always have the time to take good care of the plants. This ensures that our plants can be kept in any store. What will be the plant of your choice? 

Happy Greens

We have developed a Happy Greens label especially for the supermarket chain. This special label ensures consistency on the shop floor, but also contains information about the care of a plant. Consumers like to know how to care for their plants. So, how nice is it to have this information provided on the label?

Would you like to find out what plants will be a good match for your store? Please contact us now. 

Sterke groene planten van Smit Kwekerijen