Unieke tafelconcepten

We offer a broad range of houseplants to make it easy for you to create a wide and varied range for your garden centre from just one grower. We also ensure uniformity and increased sales of green houseplants through our Eden Collection table concepts. To find out more, please continue reading. 

Large assortment of plants

Specifically for garden centres, we offer the Eden Collection. The Eden Collection is the name of our unique collection of distinctive and attractive green indoor plants. This collection consists of a variety of plant families and pot sizes, so there is always a solution for every customer. If you want to know more about the Eden Collection, click here

We offer a wide range of houseplants to make it easy for you to collate a broad and varied range for your garden centre from just one grower. We deliver the plants on the day and auction of your choice. As a result, you will always sell fresh and bright green houseplants.  

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Unieke tafelconcepten van Smit Kwekerijen

Customisation based on your own plan

To create optimum appeal of the tables they are stocked with a variety of plants. The plants are carefully selected based on the colour and size of their leaves. The number of sections on a concept table depends on pot size. The broad range of the Eden Collection makes it possible to offer a new selection to your customers several times a year. The Eden Collection concept tables therefore present ongoing surprises for everyone!

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Unieke tafelconcepten

Are you looking for ways to create consistency for the houseplants in your garden centre and do you want to increase sales? We will provide you with unique table concepts to ensure harmony. It has been proven that this tabling approach leads to increased sales. The banners create a natural and user-friendly look to attract your consumers’ attention. We offer two table concepts: 1) the Eden Collection and 2) the Eden Specials. 

Unieke tafelconcepten van Smit Kwekerijen

Bewezen succes van de Eden Collection concepttafels

‘’De tafels trekken veel aandacht, waardoor de verkopen van de Eden-tafels het hele jaar lekker doorlopen. Ze hebben een A1 locatie in onze winkel en de planten zijn van topkwaliteit, wat zich vertaald in een uitstekende omzet per plantentafel! Met het nieuwe design zijn de banners weer toekomst-proof. Vooral met onze antracieten tafelranden komen ze goed tot hun recht.’’

Maarten Kester, Tuincentrum Ockenburgh